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New law in effect July 1, 2012 affecting how you establish service


Fairfax Water Rates, Fees and Charges

As a non-profit public utility, Fairfax Water is mandated to charge only for the actual cost of providing water service to our customers. We conduct Cost of Service studies to evaluate this cost and look closely at population projections, average per capita water usage, and projected inflation rates. For example, one of the major challenges we face is probably familiar to you - the ever-rising cost for fuel and power.


Fairfax Water also has a Strategic Financial Planning Model and we ensure that any proposed increases in rates, fees, and charges are consistent with this model. Most importantly, we evaluate the proposed increases against these guiding principles:

  • Are the proposed increases fair and reasonable?
  • Were they derived from empirical data?
  • Will they be applied equitably to our customers?

Fairfax Water's Current Rates, Fees and Charges

To view information about rates that went into effect on April 1, 2015, click on the appropriate link below. Alternatively, you can click on the appropriate region of the map or type your address in the search box in the top, right corner of the map.

Planning for the Future

Another challenge we face is planning for the future. At Fairfax Water, we have plans in place to meet water demands through 2040 and we’re working on plans to ensure our distribution system remains strong through this century. Read more. This long-range planning allows us to make changes in our rates, fees, and charges in small increments to keep our system strong, which ensures we can expand as needed to meet water demands. Improvements to our system over the past several years cost $500 million, with another $600 million anticipated over the next 10 years. To learn more about these projects click here.