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Privacy / Disclaimer

Fairfax Water
Internet Privacy Statement
(updated on April 22, 2005)  

The following constitutes the Internet Privacy Statement for the Fairfax Water website (web pages at addresses beginning with "http://www.fcwa.org" and/or "http://www.fairfaxwater.org"). It is intended to explain our Internet privacy practices, but shall not be construed as a contractual promise. We reserve the right to amend our Internet Privacy Statement at any time without notice.

Virginia law 
We protect our records in accordance with our obligations as defined by applicable Virginia statutes, including, but not limited to, the Virginia Privacy Protection Act of 1976, the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, as well as any applicable U.S. federal laws. 

Links to other websites 
Our website may contain links to other public or private entities' websites, whose privacy practices we do not control.

Information we collect 
When you access our website, routing and client information, and the essential and nonessential technical information listed below, is automatically collected. No other information is collected through our website except when you deliberately decide to send it to us (for example, by clicking on a link to send us an email). The information you might choose to send us is listed below as "optional information." 

Routing and client information: the Internet domain and Internet address of the computer you are using. 

Essential technical information: identification of the page or service you are requesting, type of browser and operating system you are using; and the date and time of access. 

Nonessential technical information: the Internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our website.

Optional information: when you send us an e-mail, your name, e-mail address, and the content of your e-mail; when you fill out online forms, all the data you choose to fill in or confirm. 

Cookies: Our website does not currently place any "cookies" on your computer.

How the collected information is used 
Routing information is used to route the requested web page to your computer for viewing. We send the requested web page and the routing information to our Internet service provider and other entities involved in transmitting the requested page to you. We do not control the privacy practices of those entities. Essential and nonessential technical information helps us respond to your request in an appropriate format or in a personalized manner and helps us plan website improvements.

Optional information enables us to provide services or information tailored more specifically to your needs or to forward your message or inquiry to another entity that is better able to do so. It also helps us plan website improvements. 

We may keep your information indefinitely, but we ordinarily delete the transaction routing information from our computer within 60 days after the web page is transmitted and do not try to obtain any information to link it to individuals who browse our website. We normally use this transaction routing information in statistical summaries to assess site content and server performance. We may share this summary information with our business partners when needed. However, on occasions when a "hacker" attempts to compromise our network, logs of routing information may be retained for longer periods and used in other ways to permit an investigation. In cases where such attempts rise to the level of prosecutable criminal activity, logs may be forwarded together with other relevant information in our possession to law enforcement agencies. 

Optional information is retained in accordance with the Fairfax Water’s business practices applicable to the information. 

Under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, records in our possession at the time of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request might be subject to inspection by, or disclosure to, the requestor or his representative. However, all identifiable confidential/personal information will be removed prior to releasing information requested pursuant to a FOIA Request. 

Information in our possession may also be released to law enforcement agencies pursuant to a criminal or civil subpoena.

Choice to provide information 
There is no legal requirement for you to provide any information at our website. However, our website will not work without routing information and the essential technical information. Failure of your browser to provide nonessential technical information will not prevent your use of our website, but may prevent certain features from working. Failure to provide optional information will mean that the particular feature or service associated with that part of the web page will not be available to you. 

Customer comments or review 
If you wish to review or correct any information you have submitted, please contact our Customer Service Department:

Fairfax Water
Customer Service
PO Box 1500
Merrifield, Va., 22116-0815
Telephone: (703) 698-5800

Email: Customers@fairfaxwater.org

If you have questions about this privacy statement or the practices of this website, please contact our Information Technology Department:

Fairfax Water
Attn: Information Technology Manager
P.O. Box 1500
Merrifield, Virginia 22116-0815
Telephone: (703) 698-5600
Email: webmaster@fairfaxwater.org