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Site Plan Review Status Report 8/31/2015
Letters to Industry  
  Important Notice Regarding Falls Church and City of Fairfax areas now served by Fairfax Water 11/20/2013
  Fairfax Water Construction Practice Manual Publication 12/10/2012
  Fairfax Water Plan Submission Requirements 7/6/2007
  All Correspondence 3/21/2007
  Corrosion Standards for Water Mains 2/14/2005
  Utility Separation- Water Mains and Appurtenances and Gas Mains 9/1/2005
Approved Products  
  Request for Product Addition 9/29/2014 
  Approved Products List 7/24/2015
Wet Tap Contractors  
  Wet Tap Contractor Approval Process 1/23/2012
  List of Approved Wet Tap Contractors 8/18/2014
Standard Agreements  
  Easement Agreement 1/14/2013
  Easement & Quitclaim 1/14/2013
Design Practice Manual 3/9/2000
NEW - Construction Practice Manual 3/17/2015
Connection Rule Adopted by Fairfax Water - 1/12/2012 1/31/2012
Standard Details 9/18/2014
  Pre-Submission Meeting Application for Religious and non-profit organizations contemplating construction in Fairfax County.  
Fairfax Water Contacts for Developers 1/22/2014